Monday, November 1, 2010

Cat Jack - gave Chunping

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early 2005, my husband and I moved into their new home. This is our first home, naturally delighted and excited. I looked around while moving side, hoping to meet new neighbors, said the sound HELLO. People not seen to have a light yellow and white cat walked over. physique Yau kitten long, handsome body. impressed me the most is its expression, it is a day of high cloud Light, Rain or shine look. It is also not afraid of us this is a stranger to our nearby natural pace. When I turned to find it,Discount UGG boots, it has been at the fifty-six meters away from me.
I have always liked small animals (too much I'm afraid), naturally happy to see it. I crouch down, and it remained the same height. because they do not know its name, I had to . kitten stay still, quietly looked at me, eyes squint, as if to judge my friend or foe. and then it stared, shook his tail, it slow to walk in front of me. I very happy, warm hand to touch its smooth body. kitten clean, seemed to attach great importance to personal hygiene. it with my relatively positive, upward, looked at me from time to time. used to live an apartment, I have also seen the other cat. general domestic cats are not afraid of people, like close to people. but sometimes too sweet, and always different, it stayed with me for about a minute, quietly established diplomatic relations with me,bailey UGG boots, and then a turn gracefully into the side of me. This position maintained for a few seconds, I received in another pat, the kittens at the same rate, but also it slow and walked away. fifty-six meters out, it stays slightly, a look back slightly, gently, told me that she has two cats, different personalities are different. and I greeted the dog named Jack, is a BOY. JACK is a small social home, from morning to night the spirit of Yi Yi. woke up this morning toilet was finished, it will interest vitality to go outdoor sports. Cathy often see it, and the oldest old apartment opposite the old man with senile morning tea, then went to the church to participate in community activities. In the afternoon, it is like to go to the park and the kids play until the sun sets,Bailey UGG boots, cat back home. actually have one, it is returned to the taxi. Cathy do not know where it went wandering. The next day, I often encounter Jack. Each time it will be warm and friendly and I chatted a while back , and then filled with a gentleman to leave. neither cold resistance, and never spoiled shamelessly, annoying. it is always right, timely and received quite a lot of gentleman. often watched it away, I will have a faint hint of nostalgia, hope it will soon be goodbye. until one day, the world it is a mutant ...
summer afternoon, I just parked the car, ready to go home. see JACK not far from my only solution, I am smiling to call it: Today, no emotion. it quietly watching me, like looking at a complete stranger. not evil, but not the least bit close. I tried a step, it did not turn back, but still cold silence. I stopped steps, no further forward. This is the only character of a cat,UGG boots clearance, and I respect that choice, and I do not want to force it to close. turned away. successive days, the situation has not improved. JACK or as a loner, not with the people to pay. I have some running out of patience, and in the end what happened? me to Cathy for help, she is far observed for a while, said to me: , why it changes so extreme it?
the next few weeks, I treat it with conservative treatment. every time I take the initiative to greet it, but no way infringe its security space. a period of time , JACK slowly easing down. Then one day, it is the next step in the brilliant sunset, then step back to my side. I am extremely pleased and gently stroked it still clean the body, heart touching and regret. JACK, I can not ascertain what you really suffer. If a man really hurt you, please forgive me. thank you for your confidence in me, let us have the opportunity to make friends. I will treasure your tolerance, your security , free, happy to live in my side. I hope our friendship and let you rebuild the confidence of mankind. After all, the world was supposed to be free --- million class Shuangtian competition.

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