Monday, November 29, 2010

Found again the joy of thinking about thinking about the joy of cozy cozy

 Days did not write something, and Manga / ha ha ha ha
experienced depressed these days and regained the joy of 九号 day rain, Baan in the library on the second floor of the 'throne , and depressed all day, mad. can not just ,UGG shoes, and unfortunately it was a sunny day, the more come, should not have come (and my family have the same seat on), there is no empty seat,UGG boots, failed. God is really fair, 10, and down the field in the morning rain,UGGs, the library Grandpa 6:10 to open the door (of the of the 6:30), I and on the 4th floor Only when you lose, only to find that it is so important. Sometimes, the treasure now have, than to strive for new and more important.
cherish,Bailey UGG boots, to grasp the future.
work with the young man. 

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