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Atlas of the Italian army uniforms of World War II, Episode 1 - The European war

 Osprey Publishing Men-at-Arms (MAA) Series No. 340: Italian Army 1940-45 (1) of the European theater (1940-43)-Osprey-MAA-The Italian Army 1940-45 (1) Europe 1940-43. author Philip S Jowett, drawing Stephen Andrew, following the book's cover:
A: Western Alps, 1940 A1: gunner, 75-mm field artillery gunners wearing helmets in 1933 edition, helmets wax affixed to the front of the black arms of artillery cap badge. Here is Bush in a helmet-style hat tina. His M1937-style shirt collar is black and is equipped with artillery branches of the military color yellow piping, the collar where the division was also red and white collar Article sword, collar is a badge for Italy's Silver Star. a black belt and the backpack is gray-green bullets cavalry and artillery for the special version. < br> A2: Acting Corporal, coat is a single row of the mouth, so the thermal effect is bad, but it has always been used in war, the battlefield is true even in the Soviet Union. His hat is a common style hat Tina Bush, hands is carrying M1933-style helmets, Both arms are equipped with infantry cap badge. and his weapon is the Breda M1930-type 6.5 mm caliber light machine guns. This is a poorly designed weapon, easily inhaled as dust, lubrication system, it is often customary in the field of stuck with Nonetheless, it is used in the Italian army to the end of the war.
A3: Sergeant, deployed in France and Italy in the mountainous border area is one of several branch Mountain Division. It cadets wear M1937-style uniforms, wearing leather mountain hat, feathered hat and left the plug on behalf of the 3rd Battalion attached to the green fluff. He The left sleeve has the rank of V shaped armlets, armbands rank in the top division of the shield is their armbands (although this armband was already obsolete.) mountain troops of special equipment, including the M1939-style mountain backpack, mountain climbing rope, and M1934-style rod, while the figure is the rifle used by the Italian soldiers during the war most of the standard M1891-type 6.5 mm caliber Carcano rifle.
B: Greece, in 1940 -41 in B1: Corporal, Infantry Division, 31 Infantry Regiment
the young non-commissioned officers wear the standard M1940-style uniforms and the M1912-style boots, wearing M1933-style helmets, the first line of this body throughout the years 1940 -43 are standard with the Italian Army. in the left the rank of V-shaped arm armband is sewn above the The. right arm single inverted V shaped badge on behalf of the wearer was wounded, it has three colors, and gold stands for war wounded, the silver service on behalf of wounded, injured red for domestic incident. lime green collar on the M1940-style jacket where the teacher wearing the badge of the military.
6.5 mm caliber Carcano M1891 rifle and equipment in the Italian Army in 50 years. This is too large recoil rifle, had been trying to transition is 7.35 mm .1938,bailey UGG boots, part of the conversion caliber rifle started, but after the outbreak of the war exposed a lot of design flaws, so that by 1940, all new production of the rifles back with 6.5 mm diameter, the result is the common use of two-caliber rifle, which became the logistics sector nightmare.
B2: Lance Corporal, and equipment include the M1939-style backpack, buckle at the top of the M1929-style camouflage backpack poncho (also available as part of the tent), an aluminum lunch boxes (you can bring the soldiers bring their own lunch boxes), 1935, gas mask bag (to the late anti-virus mask is often lost, the packet to be used to modify other tools), hanging in the Standard Edition right hip and left cross-kettle hanging tool holder fixed with bayonets and shovels to dig trenches mm at three different styles of shovels to dig trenches This is one.
B3: Private, 1 Albanian Army, volunteer militia to defend the national security, 1941, April 1939, after Italy took over Albania, the country recruited by the composition of the force recruits. Large Most of the Albanian troops are not reliable, some soldiers deserted, and even to their Italian Executive shooting. but this is composed by a carefully selected corps of soldiers in combat or to get some popularity. Waichuan standard soldier uniforms, wearing the black shirt Italian, and Albanian traditional style based on the design of a prominent and distinctive white hat. in his left arm badge wearing artificial resins, the red background is black Albanian double-headed eagle design. wear volunteer militia to defend the national security is equated with the black shirt as Army privates, so his body did not wear any rank flag. This militia equipped with a folding bayonet Carcano M1891 rifle, belt, black shirt of all fixed Force will use the dagger and the OTO M35-style hand grenades during World War II, this grenade has 3 different models used by the Italian army.
C: Greece, in 1940 -41 C1: Captain,Bailey UGG boots, ; Mountain Division Mountain Group 5 on the three gold ornaments beside the road shows off his rank. He wore a good line with their own identity, to spend the M1940-type material, and gray-green jacket and breeches, shirt and tie, jacket with officer collar with silver on green double star angular collar mountain troops, is the rank of armbands on the sleeves. In the following, Gu Zhu striped wool trouser socks instead of leggings, and black hiking-type boots M1912 is a private purchase. The officer also carried a brown leather briefcase, a favorite Italian army equipped with a 9mm Beretta M1934 semi-automatic pistol.
C2: Brigadier General, Army Headquarters, 1940
use color than the average soldier is more gray-green wool uniform whitening some. hat the left side of the cap badge and armband cuff shows the rank of officer. graph version of the waist coat this time of war was introduced in 1940, it retained the war previous version of the velvet collar and fiber sides. And here is the breeches and black boots Gaotong, armed to bring the fixed-style dress Beretta M1934 pistol holster.
C3: Major, 54th Infantry Regiment Infantry Division, Maj. 1941
wear this name was made popular multi-functional officer of rough canvas wind coat, which uses double-breasted brown skin and shoulder plus fabric design, with the rank of the forearm position chapter. The officer wearing a gray-green wool hat Tina Bush, hat box on the left top of the gold sewn Venus showed his rank, and in the hat in front of the infantry arm sewing gold thread on the cap badge number ; the representative of his unit. in the coat, the officer is a green cotton shirt and gray tie, the following are two centimeters wide with two black side stripes decorated gabardine trousers breeches and boots Gaotong private purchase. In actual combat, this boots are often replaced by an ordinary ankle boots.
D: Yugoslavia, 1941, D1: Lieutenant, in all the battlefield, holding the leather helmets are only worn in the chariot, so smoking his spare time he would wear high-quality bustina style cap. In the lower part of his coat sleeves rank cloth armbands, there is an alternative to the original coat of blue blouse of the M1940-style wool jacket, which is often used tank members. jacket collar with armored divisions, a blue background with a red double-tip style . In the following are officers of wool breeches and black leather leggings, cavalry and artillery units sometimes use this shin, while his feet were dressed in good quality version of M1912-style military boots.
D2: Corporal 3 That name sent a motorcycle courier wearing a M1933 style helmets, helmets on public feathers inserted famous. the pullover-style clothing is always popular and make for war. he was wearing a golden left arm Chapter V fonts rank, rank the top of the chapter is a red armband motorcycle correspondent. diagram for the mountain troops and leggings was originally used by artillery units, special packages of armed bands and the corresponding ammunition, the soldier's Carcano M1891/1938 rifles, this rifle is the M1891-style rifle slightly improved version.
D3: an agent Corporal, 23 theater forces, border guards
stationed in the designated theater of the border guard forces in the invasion of Yugoslavia assumed a very heavy fighting tasks. This cadets wear the standard M1940-style army uniform (jacket and breeches), pointed collar style is the red edge of green, red edge represents the frontier infantry. hat style is similar to mountain troops, but there is no fixed feather ornaments accessories, the kind of thing is called his unit. Another border guard units in combat wearing M1933-style helmets.
E: Russian front in 1941 -43 E1: Lance Corporal, still riding at the time of these cavalry is already about to be eliminated, but the group's enemies in the face of collapsing when they made a counter-example .1942 on Aug. 24, at the Don Tschebarevskij, the mission team cavalry squadron face 2000 with a saber and grenades when the brave Soviet infantry assault, the regiment was dismounted soldiers and other attacks. eventually pay a heavy price after the Soviet retreat.
cavalry under this name are in front of the Savoy group, he was wearing a black cross emblem M1933-style helmets, wearing M1940-style jacket, coat with black collar tip of the mission's three (1942, this collar with red piping). This Mission unusual in other uniforms, such as the red tie (in honor of the 18th century the regiment of an injured member of the uses of communication, the parties which were correspondent to his generals in the report, white collar uniform has been stained with their blood). cavalry soldiers wore black leggings this figure. the figure is M1891/1938 style carbine rifle, saber is the M1871-style. Savoy group of cavalry fighting is very popular PPSh41 with assault rifles seized by the Soviet Union, one of the reasons is that commemorate their famous charge.
E2: Cossack volunteers, Savoy Corps, Germany 1942
collaborative allies in Russia, Italy, 8 of the local military add the new soldiers, in September 1942 set up a small Cossack force, which consists of a head, four other officers and raised an integral 360. This force was attributable to command. Later, after the retreat from Russia, Italy, Germany, it belongs to the Cossack forces. This name of a volunteer wearing a red top black lambswool papacha cylindrical hat, wear their new boss of Italy provided the original Red Army M1940-style jackets and breeches and military boots. armband nationality of his left arm by a representative of white, blue and red Russian tri-color, outfit, including the original red leather arm bands and Moxin Na Gan M1910 rifles and their comrades in Italy Italian tradition Qiaxi provided g (shashka) saber.
E3: black shirt volunteers, volunteer militia to defend the national security section 14M Suo Lini (Mussolini), they must be battle-tested volunteers black shirt, and will serve as a more active combat missions. these forces against the guerrillas in Yugoslavia under Article 8 and when the Russian army was sent to fight when the performance is very positive. This is a common name of Lance Corporal battlefield wearing the black hat of volunteer militia, is a double-pointed collar shape, above the red M wrapped silver token words. as a light machine gunner, his equipment packed in a where the pistol holster, waist is also not the type for the Breda M1930 machine gun kits and spare package.
F: Russian front in 1942, F1: volunteers, Italy and Croatia in the Italian occupation of Croatian Army during the
enlisted this small force was sent to Russia, which consists of an infantry battalion, a mortar and a tank connected with the composition. This name of a volunteer wearing a M1934-style wool coat, coat totally inappropriate for this cold winter in Russia. He left arm is represented in Croatia plaid red and white checkerboard coat of badges. principle is that the black shirts Corps forces, the soldier's coat with a white metal token pattern collar, bustina style cap on the is a volunteer militia to defend the national security cap badge. bustina style cap hat ear drop down, wrapped around his head and wearing a set of private purchase of hat head. he was wearing flat boots for the M1912-style is no effect against frostbite , rifle is modified since the 6.5 mm caliber Carcano rifle M1938-style, while Breda 35-type grenade is attached to his waist.
F2: Corporal, br> This sergeant trying to convince myself to be better equipped to adapt to the Soviet Union a cold winter. He wore a thick double-breasted coat, wearing his Executive to buy the wool from the cylinder cap Romania, and was fortunate enough to be a pair of high waist holding canvas boots, a wool cap and sub-sets of the first three fingers of the gloves. the soldier equipped with a Polish-made anti-tank rifles Mano Staege WZ35, it belongs to the German war booty, a large supply of Italy Russian expedition. This shows that the use of such obsolete weapons, the Italian army in the face of Soviet armored forces of despair when the loss performance.
F3: mountain troops, operational environment in Russia's winter, this elite units as the Eighth Army reinforcements to the east. versatile two-piece cardigan coat jacket available elastic rope, elastic waist on both sides also. Sometimes, the coat will be rank wear armbands,UGGs, but more often in order to facilitate not to wear camouflage. On the other hand, deep-rooted tradition of mountain troops defeated the actual needs,UGG shoes, and that is accompanied by a white cloth covered helmet on a red beam tube and black raven feathers. The figure also appeared in the unique mountain troops and ammunition, armed with white canvas bag, the number of packets of ammunition from two into four, in addition to the M1891/1938 folded bayonet-style carbine.
G: occupation of Yugoslavia , in 1941 -43 G1: Lieutenant, 67, the rank of the regular army, etc.. His M1940-style wool coat with a pattern of small red token black double-pointed collar, forearm to the rank of the top diamond chapter, which replaces the previous circular design. when the combat mission , the officer put on round neck pullover and wartime version of the breeches, and the officers are visible but unrealistic high boots. In front of a helmet is a wax paste volunteer militia to defend the national security badges, and belt in the tuck volunteer militia to defend the national security of the bustina-style cap, this cap is only 30 in the mid 20th century, a small amount of equipment. holster on the belt were filled with Beretta pistols, daggers to defend the national security is a dedicated volunteer militia. waistband canvas bag in his pocket contained a 9 mm Beretta military assault rifle 30 rounds loaded ammunition clip. and most of the light weapons of World War II Italy is different from Beretta submachine gun in the practice of encounters won a high reputation.
G2: Lance Corporal, in which a tent by the tent is a multi-chip design can be used as camouflage rain cape composed of fragments. This is the world's first use of a standardized design camouflage patterns, it is also rare in the Italian army called the pioneer as. through the helmet full of holes tied the rope binding the plant, socks and leggings combined approach is also very common in the field. Note field on his belt knife, black shirts are special forces army knife version. < br> G3 corporal, anti-Communist militia volunteers, Dalmatia, 1942
distinctive characteristics of this name is Corporal Dalmatian anti-communist militia, a volunteer team leader, this militia is against the Italian occupation of Yugoslavia as a guerrilla set up all kinds of armed one. knotted black cloth hanging behind the distinctive bonnet, hat in front of a volunteer militia Dalmatian anti-communist radio tricolor cockade, cockade is a rare skull above plus dagger design. Dalmatia anti-communist militia volunteers were divided into more than 100 according to the company diocese, which includes six companies and two Roman Catholic Orthodox Roman Catholic company companies mm red hat crowns, crowns for the Orthodox hat company orange. the soldier's other clothing belonging to the Italian army M1940-style, and leggings rolled up socks at the bottom of Italian troops in the field is usually the practice. His rank armband blue with white stars on the red triangle pattern, and he The weapon is the Mauser M1924 former Yugoslav army rifles.
H: occupation of the Balkans, in 1941 -43 H1: Sergeant, Royal Finance Guard, Camp 8, Epirus, Greece, 1941
Financial Guard as an important part of the Army in peacetime play the role of anti-smuggling and anti-spyware. In wartime, their mission is to defend the internal and external security, and its subordinate units throughout the occupied territories of small, and therefore they are easy become the target of the guerrillas. Finance Guard and the Army rank system is slightly different, though uniform consistent with the standard uniform of the Army, but the collar is the Financial Guard, on behalf of the yellow double-pointed shape, and in the varnish on the brush leaving a helmet helmet glossy look of these forces is the habit of the practice. M1935-style gas mask bag to let go in time of war is often converted into mine, this is done non-commissioned officers, and his weapon is M1891/1924 type carbine.
H2: quasi-Corporal, Royal carbine 13 mobile operators team, system. the soldier wearing the traditional black felt cloth double angle Napoleon hat, when in the field covered with gray-green cloth, and hats with cloth cap badge in front. He is the M1940-style uniforms worn, the collar Royal carbine team larger and distinctive collar. is performing guard duty of the soldier with basic equipment, including the cavalry troops and ammunition gray-green leather backpack, backpack loaded rifle bullets, rucksacks of the bottom is the holster, which installed M1889-style Bodeo Glisenti 10.35 mm caliber revolver.
H3: Master Sergeant, 1, the name sergeant elite light infantry force relaxation at rest under the uniform, gray-green flannel shirt with the rank of the left sleeve armband, shirt collar down the cable is pulled. make him proud of hanging blue red hat tassel, this hat and cap stuck rooster feathers dressed in uniforms or helmets are unique markers of Rifles. (In recognition of this kind of hat is composed of soldiers from the island of Sardinia in 1854 French Light Infantry between -56 Crimean War awarded bravery). handheld standard style water bottles at the foot of the soldier loaded his food also Rengzhe canvas set link address
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