Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hot Chinese market, the UGG boots snow

 Playing a game called r l fashion. color UGG store in downtown Harbor, snow boots genuine price from 2,000 yuan to 4,000 yuan range, some of which mark in China, while others are Australian made. and not just from Australia, the price of your new,Discount UGG boots, many styles No spot, need a reservation, wait time may be a month or even longer. Pearl in Xidan, Warwick, and some clothing and shoes wholesale mall, a variety of high imitation, the original list, Wei Huo's price from UGG boots snow ranging from 50 yuan to 100 yuan.
an industry analysis, such a price is possible. because most of the brand snow boots are manufactured in China, UGG foundry in the country more than one, there will be a lot of the same quality of goods from the domestic to the market. The distribution of the major foundries in the cottage beside the small factory, but also according to shoe, with the same or similar material to produce a similar snow boots. So the market will the so-called read, can not wash nor Dayou.
go out every day wearing snow boots, boots stained body to a lot of dirty things must come home, they need to take off it, first with the special sheepskin care brush to gently brush the surface of dust, very dirty place to wipe back and forth, and then wipe with a soft sheepskin special scrub. In addition, special long-handled sheepskin care brush, is used to brush the bottom of the boots.
snow business in Australia A membership charge boots to reporters in Hong Kong, the real Australian wool, sheepskin snow boots made of one material, brush or rag common not only can not effectively remove surface stains, but is likely to surface snow boots sheepskin harm. Therefore,UGG boots cheap, maintenance of UGG snow boots, really is a great need for a store maintenance supplies are made, like snow boots should be considered with the girls.
journalists see the relevant counters, authentic UGG boots snow special cleaning care packages,bailey UGG boots, which contain microcrystalline fat decontamination ions, can achieve better cleaning results. There are many dedicated support Gaotong piece snow boots available for purchase, for the tens of thousands of snow boots, buy another pair stays tablets to love boots upright trim long boots shape is also very necessary The.
winter snow boots
clever take the news that Beijing is experiencing the coldest in 40 years of winter, which had both the fashion girls to . At this point, the classic snow boots is very necessary. style is simple atmospheric, delicate texture soft, easy and comfortable to wear in the feet, either with skirt or pants will make you warm to the heart.
some fashion design Weapon Master recommended that the general height or body of the MM as we choose UGG boots to match skirts, shorts or jeans, to avoid the shortcomings of prominent stature, UGG boots or suitable for tall and short,UGG boots clearance, thin or the legs are thin compared the MM. Do not use with a very fat UGG pants, preferably with stockings or leggings,waterproof Uggs, the star of children with a great range of girls who may not be appropriate in general.
vain for everyday wear, they invented the Australian shoes, how they will not give problems with many of the recommendations. reference to the experience of China's most fashionable girl from Japan and South Korea. This shoe looks like thick simple-minded, very concerned about many of the natural beauty of its girls with the problem, fearing it would undermine the body put on the proportion of legs look short or Tuicu. In particular, some small and not very tall thin girls wearing UGG with skirts, but it is affecting not only look good temperament.

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