Thursday, October 28, 2010

A The Mr. Men generally referred to

 Unmarried women said the young lady, married women, said his wife; who can not confirm whether married Western women,bailey UGG boots, regardless of their age, can only be called Miss; do not know the guest's last name, you can say ; call the third party is not available, / Lin.

10, as guests for the presentation, how to do?

A: Introduction to the young old; to introduce the low post position high; the man introduced to a woman; to introduce unmarried married; the personal introduction to the group.

11, was introduced to how to do the time?

A: If sitting, stand up immediately; was introduced both nodded to each other; the two sides shook hands and exchanged greetings with several at the same time.

12, shaking hands with the guests, how to do?

A: The time is shorter, usually 3 to 5 seconds and simply say a few words of greeting or courtesy; must be smiling, watching each other and greeting each other; hand forced moderate, not too light or too heavy; on the lower levels, between superiors first hand; old, young, between the old man to see first hand; President, between Miss, miss the first hand; winter gloves off first handshake again, not wearing a hat in the room with the guests handshake; not hands folded and two people shake hands.

13, when the bow with the customers how to do?

A: stand at attention, the upper body 30 degrees forward, his hands hanging in her lap; other Shouli were present in return, the recovery at attention position.

14, salute when the line with the customers, how do?

A: Put your hands up and shoulder level, palms facing out swinging gently, politely smile and greeting to the guests.

15, for the guests to help arm, how is it done?

A: The smooth surface under the stairs or in the past,UGG boots cheap, the response to the old man, ladies and to help arm; help arm generally only light Rotary elbow, body slightly side guests.

16,cheap UGG boots, delivered the bill to the guests, how do?

A: upper body forward, customers will be facing the bill text; if the guests sign the bill, should open the cap of a pen, pen against his right hand single-handed, left-handed delivery pen.

17, acceptance or delivery of a business card, how do?

A: accept or send to the card with both hands, read out the card on the other side of the title and name; the cards for proper handling, not free throw put; without card echo, apologize to the other side.

18, when the elevator together with the customers how to do?

A: The elevator door opened, the hand press and hold the elevator or the elevator door electric eye sensor switch, not to elevator doors closed; the other hand, motioning to the guests first enter the elevator; into the elevator, should stand in direct board before the floor for the guests want to go by; if more than half-way before the guests leave the elevator, guests should say .

19, when you send flowers to the guests, how to do?

A: Do not give the guests get all the white flowers; congratulations or condolences, the cliffs can be sent to pink flowers, azaleas, or Huang; the general case can carnations or orchids sword.

20, with guests ride cars, how is it done?

A: The right side rear seat's first, second left, ranking third in the seat, next to the driver seat minimum; off, the fourth

from front seat to get off first, and then the car door for the seat the guests.

21, answer the phone, how to do?

A: The action should be quick, let phone ring more than three sound; greeting each other

22, if the other person is not looking, how do?

A: euphemistic told guests: number of people to be looking back in time for answer; for the guest book.

23, termination of the phone, how do?

A: The Conclusion should be used: hang up.

24, made the phone hang, how to do?

A: organize the content of speech,Bailey UGG boots, on the phone next to the relevant information; greeting each other:

25, to communicate by phone, how do?

A: The microphone and the lips from 2.5 to 5 cm, if too close, bad sound; to maintain the natural tone, not yelling; phone next to the pen and paper prepared by some notes.

grooming articles

26, wearing the uniform, how to do?

A: uniforms to keep straight, not a wrinkle; not roll up their sleeves or pants, shirt buttons should be fastened into the trousers hem bar; underwear, tights uniform can not be exposed outside; in formal occasions, wear one breasted suit, only the top button of a button, uniforms should be fully dressed, not one of them is missing, non-work needs, not to wear clothing uniform hotel.

27, work wear brand, should pay attention to?

A: Workers should wear brand in the top left chest; wear to maintain a straight line level, not skewed.

28, wearing shoes and socks, they should pay attention to?

A: Always brush shoes clean, keep it clean; shoelaces fastened, not dragging on the feet; male employees to wear dark socks, female employees to wear flesh-colored socks; socks should be changed daily.

29, male employees engaged in the personal hygiene front, should pay attention to?

A: shave every day; hands clean, no stains, handwriting; often nails, nail trimming is oval; not eat smelly food, the mouth.

30, in front of female employees engaged in the personal hygiene should?

A: Do not stay long fingernails, no nail polish, hands clean, no stains, handwriting; do not eat smelly food, to keep


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