Monday, October 11, 2010

be plant: auspicious grass, onion orchid, iris, Phnom Penh

 Be plant: auspicious grass, onion orchid, iris, Phnom Penh, Ophiopogon, glabrous Tradescantia, mosaic Arundo donax, Dianthus plumarius [snowy One], Hemerocallis (gold doll), Purple Butterfly Hemerocallis, Purple Oxalis, Oxalis safflower, jade grass, bamboo reed mosaic, oat mosaic winter, Phnom Penh book with grass (Ophiopogon Phnom Penh), gold leaf Lysimachia, Hosta, Hosta mosaic, white Hosta , Phnom Penh, Hosta, large flower Iris, German Iris, lucky grass, yellow radiata, Ophiopogon, Forsythia, Rose (100 kinds) and so on.

vine: Ivy, ivy, leaf Fu Fang vine, Parthenocissus quinquefolia, the United States to Jin, the United States Peak, wisteria, honeysuckle,UGGs, Chinese creeper (clover climbing walls Tiger), Mosaic Man Changchun, Phnom Penh fortunei, vine roses, Millettia, network stone, wisteria, wood,UGG boots, honeysuckle, forsythia, etc..

Jiahe Garden Seed Ophiopogon sell a large number of bases, Ophiopogon japonicus seeds already on the market. ground cover plants are: Japan short Ophiopogon, low leaf Ophiopogon, mosaic Ophiopogon, Egeria (broad leaf) Ophiopogon, big leaf Ophiopogon, lobular Ophiopogon, Phlox subulata, Hosta, Hosta mosaic, white Hosta, Hosta Phnom Penh, Zephyranthes, lucky grass, red Flowers radiata, Ophiopogon, forsythia, canna, Canna safflower, yellow canna, purple leaf canna, Canna generalis, banana, onion orchids, safflower sorrel, Phnom Penh, evergreen, white clover, Manila, Horseshoe Gold, bermudagrass, Kentucky bluegrass, tall fescue, ryegrass, zoysiagrass, red fescue and blue fescue, Japanese Meadowsweet, safflower radiata, Amaryllis, calla, thousands of flexion vegetables, yellow radiata, to be daisy , Four Seasons Ju, Coreopsis, Chrysanthemum, Chrysanthemum cold, summer Ju, Xiangju, Chrysanthemum, Chrysanthemum Day, purple leaf grass, marigold, Calendula officinalis, Huang Jinju, cineraria,Discount UGG boots, Cineraria, colored grass, low pull Cattle flowers,UGG boots cheap, Coleus, zinnia, flower longevity, sage, marigold, famous rose, maidenhair, dwarf Celosia, Dianthus, the size of chrysanthemum, kale, large leaf Chlorophytum Chlorophytum Phnom Penh, peony, years Leek, evergreen, Hypericum, azaleas, tulips, orchids, lilacs, Malus halliana, Japan and other Begonia.

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