Monday, October 18, 2010

I do not know since when

 Got used to the middle of the night turn on the computer Internet, have got used to early morning sleep.

but he does not know where this habit has been repeated in the lonely night, how many times. Perhaps their numbers are not clear,UGG bailey button, right?

disheveled hair,cheap UGG boots, puffy eyes .......

eyes dim, quiet music.

Maybe when people who have experienced emotional suffering with the flu will be more popular, everyone has a wonderful story, a sad memory.

is the story of causes and results of different versions, so the film will be the same as the tear gas, hard to open its eyes and burst into tears.

actor perhaps we have done the same as infatuation

an answer to the wearer and the results stay stubbornly in place until the end of all hopes.

last actor in a scene from infected me a long time he said: met her, we can start all over again, I can make her happy. But I never thought that maybe she is living life very happy, in fact, not that I want to give her happiness? So as long as she is happy, this happiness is not me, can not wait until she is not important ... ...

During this seemingly sad, actually relieved the monologue, we appreciate the truly altruistic (good for the other side) the sincere love. With compassion

love her. Only in this way can the two get along love achieve harmony for a long time, as the Buddhist say,

love is not possession, is compassion; death is not the end, the beginning. If only life

memorable stay in the past, the starting point

So, never get out of a sad melody,

see more beautiful scenery in the distance.

a man remembering, not a bad thing, but pick up again to choose their own life, grief is the most important

yesterday has gone, may continue today, tomorrow will be better

.'s all gone Do not let the past be the past, spread to your future!

may have a lot in the past really is another reason for his obsession with the future was enough to recall faint ...

not want a cold after everything the same, lingering twinkling of an eye . The same as love and life have to be considered torture you exhausted perfect.

some force may be somewhere on the traction, so you have everything to make a choice or life, and then go step by step in a difficult.

was young,UGG shoes, I hope they have a passion for youth and innocence,UGGs, the last to understand those who have young, but fills the skies, one day reality will force you see it is not bright, not full of mystery, not memorable, not their own eternal sleep long.

bloom again, the Red still.

night, still so still scary. Heart, like a wave as difficult to control.

thing of the past at the last moment, as if fascinated by the liquid glass as nightlife downtown ambiguous.

in nostalgia will have time to finish. suddenly very mixed feelings. In the past, when young, persistent. obsession. those people and things through.

now quiet. there is no clear effort to force hug. the original time of grief have long memories incorporated into the corner of my eye flashed was set.

extraordinary efforts. ordinary moved. ordinary walk in to a person, for no other reason just want to know that he still can not afford to chase his footsteps.

just want to prove that the heart still beating. You can also elegant warm smile and calm.

...... I feel satisfied ..... ......

Well ....

the only one. .. I was almost a sense of achievement near the Pig will try anyway ... ..

All in all, still continues. . .

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