Sunday, February 13, 2011

Zhang Ziyi over 32 years old birthday blog exposes no new romance

 Zhang Ziyi (data map)

Yesterday was the 32-year-old Zhang Ziyi
birthday. Two days ago, Zhang Ziyi did not write a blog exposing new romance. In this blog she writes:

New Year holidays to be over soon, do not know if you been? Delicious, fun, good mood? Our family and a dozen relatives and friends just returned to Beijing, where the trip to run a lot, a lot of harvest, young and old was very happy. Perfect!

birthday tomorrow, 32 years old, thank you all greetings to friends and fans! Aquarius I wish all children's shoes are safe and healthy, happy birthday!

answer some of the most interesting question we now, after falling out of the meeting.

No New Year red envelopes
: hair much less collected, hey

Where have
birthday: a Beijing restaurant, a club

birthday and who have: family and friends Basin

birthday wish: to endure thousands of knives to children to human traffickers to come back

health: as back much better

emotional state: there is no new love

working conditions: After years of continued back to Guangdong,

enough? Haha, once again Happy New Year!

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