Monday, February 28, 2011

Banlaoxuniang more flair (original)

 In particular, the old woman) of the stimulation is relentless, filled, full screen, full pictorial, full of shadows of the media are filled with beauty, talent and beauty programs directly slogan is A forty-year-old woman exclaimed: r l a flower but not the appreciation, really living death, and death by heart unwilling. all odds to master.
women function in the end what is it? is a warm, caring, a caring, considerate, and not Johnson Shibuya, Sapo, brutal, ignorant. a life experience of women not only of social resources, but also those who care for human nature. If a young man took a fancy to Xu mother, young man will not do crazy things, will know better how to live, and more with love. middle-aged women, the key is to maintain the confidence of self-improvement, they should know better life. They should have the energy, time and experience is missing is confidence.
now love the community on the middle-aged women dressed up with a prejudice that is After plastic surgery beauty pageant results not only at odds with her husband, the children expressed their opposition. However, the beauty of the heart that allows her to abandon the views of all the others, go its own way, ultimately affirmed by the mainstream media. Each person should understand such a truth: the way of life is not uniform, but according to their aesthetic value may be, do not scruple not any views, courageous love to do, which is middle-aged women should consider. men like to enjoy beautiful, but once after his wife became beautiful and fear, disgust or fear his beautiful wife, the wife seduced away by other men, the sex scandal affair will happen. Therefore, middle-aged woman beauty became a family, society and ethical problems. In fact, if a society where the middle-aged women love to dress himself, and that life will certainly be colorful.
Banlaoxuniang Why do more flair? including physical causes, more self- Experience reasons. After the storm a woman knows true meaning of life is more, they have amazing courage and perseverance. in physiology, Banlaoxuniang body structure have all been mature and open, and no further need for closure and reserved, and Their life of human organs has withstood the test of the liberation of women is more and more know what time, location, extent and severity of links can bring their own pleasure. Therefore, the trend for more middle-aged woman and persistent content. in experience , middle-aged woman not afraid to fail, they do not need to worry about failure, because of their self-expression is not to win some praise, but purely for their own feelings, they know they are not psychological lived for others, but to get a good Bale of mind. Therefore, middle-aged woman's beauty is more sincere and true.
Banlaoxuniang their life experience so that they understand: Youth is short, meaning is lasting, not the young beauty's patent, as long as there is life and life, beauty will always exist. When a beautiful scenery of the old beauties walk past you, you do not hesitate, you can bold the side of the treatment, or enjoy casting envious eyes. in the work and life, you will feel the old girl is more beautiful than dealing with ease of mind and easier to love near. old beauty who would like a more thoughtful, the experience will give you life, they are more like a book to you under the warm atmosphere Read the chapter in life.
love if you're not careful, a similar age and his mother's old beauty, do not panic, do not be constrained by public opinion, you may have already truly understand the principles of life, began to enjoy the afterglow of life , state of mind closer to nature. you'll feel old coquettish beauty to enjoy themselves in a short time all the fun of life, the old pro-American pride and demon girls basking different from the reserve, and quite arrogant in the warm on the experience of pure , in order to feel content in the thoughtful. coquettish old in the arms of beautiful women, you feel very at ease and feel the feelings can rely on and durable.
middle-aged woman is qualified and resources can be coquettish, and vice versa is a waste. those who believe that older women can not flair in his heart that the old woman's life is over, that the beauty of youth will not disappear. Moshou these people and not only old-fashioned stereotypes, and the soul source of life has dried up. those vote of approval look old beauty who always remain optimistic and positive attitude towards life, they know that all the owners, is the strong life.
is romantic flair and show love, To meet the trend of the times, such women have a better grasp of their own destiny, the pursuit of quality of life. who must show love, this love is different from the deep heart's desire, a woman full of love show more publicity, people feel their passion, people work together to share the love exudes from the warm, so warm life who does not love who do not like it?
some people worry that there will be a tragic and immoral suspected Banlaoxuniang , which is wrong, ignorant girl's failure rate is much higher than the former. Once Banlaoxuniang who fell in love with flair, can regulate the rules of the game flair, you can change people's prejudices flair. When people fall in love Sister Lotus,

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