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Menopause live younger taste

 Excerpt from the most suitable method.
with age, female ovarian failure, estrogen levels decline, women will be menopausal, premature ovarian failure of menopause in women can be brought forward to 35 to 40 years old.
women enter menopause, some people will gradually dizziness, unable to focus, loss of appetite, insomnia, physical and emotional instability and acid precipitation and other kinds of performance, which is usually referred to menopause. women in this progressive disorder of the endocrine system, various hormones such as estrogen secretion decreased. In this very long period, the cerebral cortex dysfunction appears, showing to sympathetic stress increased anxiety as the main feature. In addition, the decline in sex hormone levels, women aged appearance will appear in this period, loss of libido and suspicion of psychological performance. who always love each other, family harmony of people, in the mood changes in the suspicions, all suspicious to decrease in estrogen secretion capacity, then, for women in menopause, is not to suggest that estrogen replacement therapy do they appropriate?
hormone replacement therapy generally consists of two mm combination of estrogen and progesterone and estrogen alone, two have different indications, respectively. May 2002, the U.S. Women's Health Initiative, on an associated postmenopausal estrogen and progesterone treatment of menopausal syndrome with early termination of clinical trials. because the treatment is proven to increase women's menopause troubles breast and endometrial cancer risk. a ripple, a number of menopausal women and even doctors, hormone, , from the rich clinical data, that the therapy in the relief of menopausal syndrome, prevention of complications related to menopause there are real effect. and then a scheme that estrogen therapy alone evaluation of clinical trial results have not been floating out of the water. So, want to estrogen replacement therapy to alleviate menopausal symptoms and prevention of its complications? The answer is simple: love and hate nothing, depending on need. menopausal symptoms more serious, as soon as possible received treatment in a specialist ruled out after inspection taboo card, you can consider hormone replacement therapy on the line.
menopause aerobic exercise is a the negative impact of symptoms, but often neglected, a simple and effective ways mm aerobic exercise.
aerobic exercise is the movement of the body using the adequate intake of oxygen decomposition of the body stored energy source to provide energy for exercise, characterized by low intensity, long duration. aerobic exercise, including large, medium and low intensity in three forms, the middle-aged women in heart rate during exercise maintained at 135 ~ 155 times / points for the high-intensity aerobic exercise, such as aerobics, skipping, climbing and other sports fall into this category; heart rate maintained at 111 ~ 134 times / min, such as Yangge dancing, jogging, walking and other sports take a moderate intensity aerobic exercise; heart rate maintained at 90 ~ 110 times / min of tai chi, tai chi sword, walking and other fitness programs for the low intensity aerobic exercise.
aerobic exercise to bring positive change in the way of life is no adverse reactions female hormone levels. women in menopause, endocrine system changes, is the leading direct cause of menopausal syndrome. exercise can promote the body to secrete more estrogen, and is organized to better absorb and use, and thus relieve menopause symptoms prevention of osteoporosis and delay aging. study showed that menopausal women can exercise estradiol and progesterone levels increased significantly improve women's ovarian function. middle-aged women to maintain a high estradiol and progesterone levels , and its role in two aspects: first, regulate lipid metabolism, lipid metabolism in vivo toward the positive direction. Second, the prevention of osteoporosis.
2. physical health and increase vitality. exercise can promote blood circulation increase the cell's supply of oxygen and nutrients to promote brain cell to maintain a strong vitality, enhance memory, slow down brain aging process; exercise can speed up gastrointestinal motility, promoting digestion and absorption of nutrients, enhance metabolism, increase appetite, improve and improve the digestive, respiratory, cardiovascular system function. exercise can help improve sleep, so as to reduce symptoms of menopause.
3. to improve the mental, to be optimistic. Exercise helps to eliminate menopause, psychological, remained optimistic that the mood swings of menopause, lack of concentration and other adverse reactions thought through regular exercise have been alleviated and improved.
and exercise, do not be lazy
different because people's physical, commitment to exercise a significant difference in load capacity, even to participate in the same movement, the degree of difference in individual response will be very obvious. during aerobic exercise should be appropriate according to their own characteristics to determine the exercise intensity, because the key to whether or not exercise reasonable arrangements factor is the exercise intensity, exercise intensity is too small to reach the fitness of purpose; exercise intensity is too large, will cause some degree of damage the body, so when a female friend during the exercise, according to their preferences, in which the environment and choose their own projects, in accordance with the principle of gradual and orderly progress, gradually increase the level of physical function.
aerobic fitness using the minimum requirement is that daily exercise can not be less than 30 minutes duration, weekly exercise can not be less in three times. only to the time and frequency of such a campaign can be effective in enhancing physical fitness,UGG bailey button, alleviate symptoms of menopause syndrome. In addition, arrangements for daily exercise, preferably in the evening, because the influence by the biological clock in the afternoon or close to dusk, person's physical strength and ability to adapt to the best, heart rate and blood pressure are relatively stable, the body coordinating the strongest, so at this time most suitable for exercise.
menopausal women must pay attention to diet:
1. the prevention of bone loose, 750 grams of milk to drink every day.
2. relieve hot flashes, night sweats symptoms, more authentic eating soy foods, such as tofu or soy products, tofu, soy milk, soy milk and so on. < br> 3. daily intake of 300 to 400 grams of the best vegetables such as spinach, rape, mustard, carrots, tomatoes, green peppers, cauliflower, cabbage, asparagus, etc., but which have a certain amount of green leafy vegetables.
4. in the daily diet, it is best to eat three different fresh fruit such as apples, pears,Bailey UGG boots, grapefruit, strawberries, peaches, etc., so that nutrition and health, composition is more homogeneous, and the best food in between meals This helps prevent obesity, stabilize blood sugar.

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