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Her name is Gabrielle

Her name is Gabrielle, an illegitimate daughter born in the orphanage, the mother is 12 years old died in her father also heard from since. But she has been reluctant to acknowledge, in describing his life with, she has been at pains to make up their own childhood, for example, how the wicked aunt pulled her ear to embarrass her. she was afraid that she was born poor people, fear of loss of such a life experience will make her self-esteem, her father will be transformed into a humble and noble horse traders, denied having brothers and sisters, and pretend to not remember a number of acquaintances, or successful at the beginning of the grace of her people and the support of her customers (after all, she is the mistress of Zeng Yi as a noble and out of high society). like her, I did not think that's disgusting hypocrisy, but feel cute, as cute as her nickname - Coco. She is a lovely woman, but proud to own inferiority exception, stubborn stubborn but sensitive and delicate, skillful Shicaiaowu change
I'm 19 years old and 10 months, although still young, but I am sure that age is significant for the extraordinary. Ten years ago, my third grade on, years later, I went to college two grade; Ten years ago, I was afraid to sleep alone, ten years later, I fell in love with a person exclusive double bed; Ten years ago, is my favorite thing to eat after ten years, alone the state of my most enjoyable ; Ten years ago, anyway I have the simple joy of a decade later, I had a strong heart; Ten years ago, my parents are my days of my world, after ten years, I only myself and the world my dog; Ten years ago, I was a kid actor children, ten years later, I am a legal sense of the adult. the years moved forward without knowing the wheel for ten years, ten years passed thus. < br> I'm always alone, but hate the loneliness, but also used alone, but I want to have people with me. This is not making a fuss, because I'm never a soul willing to play with the same V, and some I do not want some others reluctantly.
my life has had two years later, in another decade or two decades, what will I, how can I just hope I can find it directly in my heart, not only just to enjoy the pain, hoping that one sweet and happy.
like every summer I have to do one thing - weight loss, exercise diet decreased immunity and put themselves face was haggard, but I never thought of giving up, because this is my lifelong career, I have success losing weight 25 kg, I spent a whole year, but the third year of the unscrupulous to bounce my weight for 30 kg of I grab the mirror body fat fiercely, the chest was angry, but I can blame, and I can not blame anyone, blame is myself. to lose weight is my only way out! future can no longer be Hu eat Hesse, later to adhere to exercise, since no dinner, hold on!
I was all alone, but I'm fine, a person who has a fun, and I slowly adapt to and like this kind of fun to so be it! fart, I just tell ourselves, the human mind is very strange, it is really not alone meet, the total non-stop to find care, if no care, they will derivative sad heart is a hollow existence.
t silk clothing and costumes on stage, still so full of temptation, this is my dream, I imagined them from my hand, one day it will no longer be a dream.
I (Mandarin) lyrics:
Composer: Leslie Cheung Lyrics: Lin Xi
I am what I am
I will always love me so happy

happiness is more than one way to the most
is honored
glorious Creator who is not dodge

I like to live life without full regalia

the corner stood a bright
I am me
is not the same color of the sky wide sea
strongest foam
do I like to make roses out of my

a result of the same lonely desert
Sheng how happy naked
happy life in the glass house that

what the world is bright and candid
This is my favorite actress, said she Hollywood actor should be an insult to her, because she determined to fulfill a British actor should have moral integrity and quality. Kate from the early days of his debut by critics and the awards pro-Lai, this is not difficult to understand, this girl born in the interpretation of the family and the child fell in love with the show, and determined it as a lifelong career, initially in order to obtain rose corner, she volunteered to give the director more than 20 letters written card. Later, Thailand> great success, kate became the world famous actress. kate was too late to be cheering for the success, they have to bear the pain of lost love, she fell in love with her boyfriend for many years and died of leukemia, it is the favorite of the people kate left to understand the meaning of life, so the overnight success did not make kate lost her own path to walk firmly, seriously acting, every role seriously, and it is hard to see in her big production figure, because she will put attention on those interesting little magic on the cost of the film. and eventually she was with in the based results, not to investigate but did not dare look, in fact, the worst case I have imagined, but the building still can not beat this kind of psychological fear in my heart. Alas! all kind of silly it all is not you, not that one exam? to life, to escape my fear is that the little things, I said we should learn to drive, you can register ah, physical examination, ah, I have been completely passive, even a kind of formal school the day the strong resistance to psychological, and some do not mind some of cranky, and this weekend I am even been living in the moment I do not have to learn to drive in coursing.
freshman year goes casual, I just can not say I do not want to live in such a , and do not need someone else I own is deeply rejected. high school illusion that the university had already disappeared, can not be happy in this process is a truth taught me ;. There are not lazy, this thing will always be flawed human beings.
I always desire to have a boyfriend, so that I can rely on trust, so I can hug and kiss, to 20 years do not have to open a peach before. fat I know because when size, can be lost later, or not, many difficulties than have a boyfriend, I look around me was still empty but then I think this should be it because of my personality. When I read the pairs of lovers on campus, I always said to myself, these boys are too naive, God will give you the best for you keep a man, continue to wait and look forward to
now know not interested in learning how their pain, is not look anything at all, but not hanging branches, and then finished to see.
like a steaming hot school dormitories, sleeping all day, sleep Chuyishenhan, urgent The want to go home, miss air conditioning.
quarters, this small place five people lived far apart from the South 3, North on me 2, all the surface harmonious and happy, in fact, rough, muttering in his heart, now I actually enjoy a little bit to say that the feeling, although she is still a little swelling, but the overall is still a word --- cool!
I like observing people, or through his contacts to judge the demeanor of this man, usually I just noticed that his shortcomings, this person narrow cold, selfish man, the man naive and ridiculous. Today, I suddenly realized that this actually is for my own evaluation. I But is such a person, what the capital every day pretentious.
summer coming, every day things to do!
this place is my trash, installed all my mind garbage, very little positive and negative a lot. Sometimes I just think everyone with age gradually evolved into a walking trash, eat into the countless spam every day, and this way, the trash has a bright beautiful skin, the distribution of civilization, but he eventually just trash the inside of his store is still a very ugly stench unusual ; the students, the happiness I was in the trouble, just because college wake up and my own deeply ingrained sense of inferiority are so many good boys and girls, they walk to various associations and organizations, to show proud of their ability, though still immature, but most are familiar with ways of the world, sleek comfortable to live in this small community. but it is not possible for me, I was bullied because of obesity, childhood crowding, so I subconsciously I think I would dwarf a less competent, even though obesity is now out of my life, but I still can not overcome that bothers me more than ten years of chronic disease. I'm disappointed to myself, but I admit defeat, because that gives me the childhood not only these, there are more 抗击打能力. Since it is not my way, why should I care about, to see some clown on the show when burlesque smile can be trouble.
Do not slack off , remember that it hurts, there are those who shame ..... shining deep in the fog of
another burning summer, the girls put on cool clothes, in the universities This is a the most special. one day I will personally make my class in the modern history of each section to draw clothes.
nasty summer, a warm blanket I do not how to do, no heavy winter clothes, how do I do without the cape how to do my hair. summer, you completed the destruction of my dream and my dream, but this year I swear I want to re-build my dream.
thoughts confused and incomprehensible, can I suffering from the legendary nearly a thousand dollars, what, really, buy it after the crime feel as nothing more than buying bags, shoes, clothes, the only bit value is a discipline tool. I did not save this man, as well as future Do not politicians, or corrupt officials is a - I money eyes.
morning read boyfriend.
how should I say the film is actually a simple packaged urban fairy tale of love, no help on the promotion because promotion is hard for the death of Du Lala, dry and pleasant for people, did not see the so-called wisdom, the film kept repeating the word capability? film since the brand name of the workplace, please do not trickery, the audience has a felt cheated. entertainment circle, it seems only a fun and entertain the people. I have not seen the original, but read this I wish nothing more movies to watch the original, because the urban romance novels I read no fewer than 1,000 copies, has long been interested in dull. clothes are beautiful, but unsuited to Chinese conditions, dress like walking on the street in Beijing ceremony must be with eyes and a thief will miss you, mischief will not let you. diehard of my big Europe, but those clothes have a life only in the show floor will be great place
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