Wednesday, April 13, 2011

8 7 son of a bitch how to divide the leadership

 Led to the investigation of a grass-roots level, lunch was arranged to the local grass-roots leader of the most luxurious hotel. Coincided with the summer, leading go thirsty, Shun Shouqiang carry their senior cup on the desktop, pointing to the empty glass to the waiter told to: ! Heard leading orders, took the crowd hurried investigation, pointing out: be understood this time waiter, placed to understand the little waiter is dumb, can not help but side with resentment color, In fact, the restaurant manager, standing in rooms not far from it, heard the leaders quickly came to speak loudly. Entered the room one?? Situation to know the waiter said something wrong, lost the first leading a smile, afraid to do things big trouble, and soon Hui Touchong waiter said, bear with me! her young, naive! This shows that we usually paid insufficient attention to the service, business skills, low ... ... which capacity he is responsible person, then finished, Good! I'll go. . Look at this grass-roots leader of a short-lived fad is also hard to explain things to, cried:
little while, and seven of eight plates placed in the seat plate surface. Primary responsible person to advise you to eat more attentive. See less Dongkuaizi leadership to the table with their chopsticks, hold down the plate turtle's head, ; do a circle of people looked at each other. Leadership knew he was not malicious, pick up the spoon, and got along with a spoonful of turtle soup. Grass-roots leadership of such a person in charge of a compliment to the place to see excitement, I do not know how to say we go: In short, anger led to the hands of the spoon heavily put down. Understand their own grass-roots leader said something wrong, can no more explain what this thing added insult to injury. Attendants at the moment happens to offer a cup of turtle eggs, grass-roots level responsible be found. The primary person in charge of the fire, how to divide? 8 7 son of a bitch how to divide the leadership?

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