Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hu Jintao's first visit to the U.S. Trade

 Subsidiary of General Electric, GE Energy signed an agreement with Shenhua Group is a joint venture to develop coal gasification industry. GE will provide industrial gasification technology, and will provide Shenhua coal and coal gasification technology, is expected later this year the joint venture will be built and put into use. GE Energy said coal gasification technology for the rich resources of China is very important, the technology can reduce the cost of China's economic expansion is important.

several energy experts in China are in the forum stressed the coal for China's current development. Chai Songyue chairman of China Energy Research Society said that China's dependence on coal is still very difficult to change, expected to total energy consumption in 2020 is still 55% comes from coal. Xie Kechang the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said that at present the United States should strengthen cooperation in clean coal. But there was also questioned said that no matter how the energy efficiency of coal, there is still a lot of carbon dioxide emissions is inevitable.

Under the agreement, Duke Energy will work with the new Austrian Group in Langfang City, Hebei China, China's first comprehensive building energy efficiency eco-city. For the eco-city in accordance with the consensus the two sides, the two sides will focus on clean energy generation, energy storage, to improve energy use efficiency and the development of new energy vehicles, the two sides will also exchange information on advanced energy, construction and transportation technology.

the forum signed a total of 18 over 13 billion U.S. dollars worth of energy cooperation agreements, involving companies including China Huadian Group, China Huaneng Group and other major energy companies.

new network  Choi (Independent Washington reporter Zhang Tao) Chinese President Hu Jintao's U.S. trip has not yet officially begins, China has and the United States in the new energy , automotive, electronics and other industries to sign trade agreements, from a trade perspective and create an atmosphere of Sino-US summit.

focus on clean energy into the China-US cooperation

Focus on Obama trip to Hu's visit to sell billions of dollars of goods financing by the State Council, the survey said to refer to control land without compensation provisions of the Department of National Planning, rising to five industry first second five rare earth mining area of national planning approval 12 years Hurun rich list were sacked 24 Spring Festival passenger flow peak will exceed previous years, starting today, Zhao: central enterprises to take to the king by this means the original
In addition, the U.S. power company China Huaneng Group has signed a coal-fired power plant energy consumption and carbon dioxide emission reductions and technological cooperation agreement. Under the agreement, the two sides will carry out carbon dioxide emissions in coal-fired power plants cooperation in research, both sides agreed to Huaneng Group developed the carbon dioxide capture technology, the U.S. power company owned by a coal-fired power plants to 60 kilowatts of capture 150 million tons of carbon dioxide engineering feasibility study, and carry forward each year 150 million tons of carbon dioxide capture demonstration project construction.

addition to new energy sources, China's Vice Minister of Commerce Wang Chao was on Jan. 17 led Houston in Texas held that Sino-US trade and investment environment will be, at the meeting the two sides also signed a 6 companies the agreement, amounting to 574 million, the automotive, electronics, mechanical engineering, textiles, garments, ceramics and other fields. 
in the morning of January 18 U.S. Green City Building technology development agreement. 

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