Sunday, January 9, 2011

Blue Sky Institute, Department of Organization of the sun sports car long-distance running in winter!

 The long-distance running long distance is the development of resistance to the project, long continuous muscle activity, the characteristics of this project. It is the party seeking to minimize energy consumption, maintaining a certain running speed, on the other hand required to run the whole according to the case of competition with the buildup of capacity. Therefore, the athletes ran the whole, the correct grasp of technology and reasonable allocation of physical strength is very important. requires run easily coordinate, the center of gravity moves smooth, straight and strong, with good rhythm ; to try to improve muscle force and relaxation capacity of the turn, not only pay attention to motion effects, and focus on saving energy. these requirements, the longer the distance run, it is more important. Middle Distance is the endurance exercises, the structure from a technical point of view it cyclical movement. In the long time required to repeat continuously running a complex step for each action. it is subject to the constraints of time and influence of continuous activity, which is less than absolute sprint speed fast, ran with the speed characteristics. However, the concept of speaking from the Middle and Long Distance must not be considered equal to the throttle, in fact, also a Middle Distance Run, a specific distance in the fastest speed run, often referred to as the sprint endurance. Only endurance running performance in the speed in order to run faster in the Middle and Long Distance distance to the substantive features of the performance of the middle and long distance. middle and long distance training, the muscle activity patterns, features a contraction characteristics of the outbreak. In order to achieve the explosive contraction of the muscle must be pre-pull long, and be pre-stretched muscle, muscle and it must be relaxed, relaxation is a very important premise, distance running can be achieved when the point is to relax the natural level of technology required for ideal conditions. Therefore, the Middle and Long Distance Technique coherent, soft, smooth, natural and rhythmic, must be the ability to master the relaxation training as a teaching focus. relax and extent of the technical movements of the Middle and Long Distance control, run effort and effect, and has a function of the relationship. Middle and Long Distance needs paragraphs in the longer run faster. must have a distinct characteristic rhythm, rhythm disorders, heart disorders and the degree of muscle in the disorder, so that energy consumption, waste and more physical strength, speed, slow down, reach a reasonable request. rhythm sense of distance running in the sense of speed is the embodiment of the concept of space and time, the average strength and reasonable allocation of the project have demonstrated the characteristics of Middle and Long Distance. modern middle and long distance movement has improved continuously, distance running constantly breaking the world record, the running speed faster and faster. The project is characterized by the long period of time, the central nervous system and muscle activity to be continuously receiving stimulation, the human body to consume a large amount of energy required to maintain high-speed competition. As speeds increase, the movement structure has become more technical aspects of the development sprint. after the increase in pedal power, pedal rate after the increase, shortening the time back step, back step of the movement speed is gradually accelerated, Long Jump smaller, press the pedal after the hip, knee , the order of the ankle joint extension of three more pronounced, the whole process back step forward from the extended body center of gravity, the flight phase and support phase of the coefficient is closer, distance running a complete technical, showing the movement easy and natural, stable center of gravity moves forward effect. With the emergence of modern plastic track, distance running has a new development technology. In order to adapt to and better use of flexible plastic track, running a more level when the polar front legs swinging pendulum, stressed the leg swing faster leg swing increased the power swing, swing the direction of a more forward, more proactive action were landing, and landing foot support phase after the strong positive after the expense and less time force, particularly evident after the pedal force is taken to minimize consumption. contemporary middle and long distance success depends entirely on the average step length and stride frequency L F, ie V = LF Therefore the purpose of running the technology itself, the task is to seek to achieve the maximum possible step length and stride frequency, or a combination of both rational . In general the modern Middle Distance technology is still in the economy (effort) and effective (fast) on the basis of two characteristics of the continuous development of the field in the Middle Distance race technology trend is the high-speed, high-frequency , save in the direction of the continuous development of long-distance running can increase the fitness
respiratory and cardiovascular system of scientific practice confirmed that a long time deep rhythmic breathing, breathing large quantities of oxygen the body can absorb more than the usual amount of oxygen if 7m8 times, the body can inhibit the growth and reproduction of cancer cells. Second marathon training also improves myocardial oxygen supply status, accelerated myocardial metabolism, cardiac muscle fibers and also to thicken, the heart contraction increased, the ability to work to improve the heart. 

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