Sunday, September 26, 2010

Nana with the later since

 There is a heart not from the the This Father, mother, sister, brother in law who are very good, from first contact to the warm and familiar now, really love is the many family members Eating meals at home are not only delicious, warm and friendly family is to me to eat more quickly to smaller estimated fertilizer amazing strengthening exercise fitness.

and Nana since June 16, 2010 began, Everything is so understanding and kind, but also sense the Comparison of inarticulate father, mother and sister both for me and Nana do a good job later on in life planning, the future of all life rafts have a schedule, it's just another guy with his family next to Nana and a better life tireless efforts. In particular, we have here,UGGs, dear and beloved to

night and my father, mother, sister, little prince went Gulangyu a walk, eat snacks, chat, really not a general The only downside is the brother Does not make sense from the Bao that are already in here like a super-SuperMan's brother Evening snack with a family walk and talk are all homemade and all the future life, I feel really like already married. Especially Nana prams in front of me holding the little prince went away,UGG shoes, and Nana has the same parents have a feeling. On present and future life,Discount UGG boots, is a very clear and very real show in front of the screen. My mother and sister, and Nana even after the baby wants to use the products good to use the little prince to leave the items do not have to buy. The mother and sister Bao heart really only use the Yu Li

sister by saying that everything is really good start, but also do not have to worry about my future life plans,UGG boots cheap, everything is slowly on track. Very grateful to the fate of such an arrangement that I met my baby Nana and Nana very dear and beloved family. Mind every day is very practical, good work ^ _ ^ good life

Xiamen today, Mom and Dad want to come to see Nana out.

now the most real feeling is

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