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During the celebrity culture, the culture of suicide

 Reproduced this blog is to let people know that time again to understand the history. You do not understand young people to know that time things have been released! Hope that things will not be released, and just let him drown in the history of it. . . . .

Deng Tuo Deng Tuo: 1912 years old, Fujian Minhou people. 1930 to join the party. Former Minister of Publicity Department of CPC Beijing Municipal Committee, May 1966 because of the letter

Lao She Lao She: was born in 1899. Beijing, the Manchu. Well-known novelist, playwright. During the war against the enemy who presided over literature and art of Chinese National Association of work. After the liberation of successive Quanguowenlian Vice-Chairman, CWA Vice President of Beijing Literary Federation and other staff. Representative of a novel The summer of 1966, the

8 23, Lao She went to Beijing Federation of Literary and Trumped-up charges they impose the head of Lao She, Lao She was a personality that insult. Come so unbearable insult to the head, Lao She did not hesitate, calm and firm to choose death.

8 24 am, nearly seventy years of age black and blue, Mr. Lao She lived alone for 16 years out of the flowers small courtyard to the northwest corner of the city on the Deshengmenwai Taiping Lake, the lake and sat in the Pacific a full day and half the night, and then into the water himself. No one knows, in the final moments of life of Lao She, who wants to sit in peace what the lake.

made Huizhu

made Huizhu: 1919 Health, Beijing, Meng. Well-known Beijing, Kun performing artists. Yan Ju Peng, daughter of Mei Lanfang, who, Yu Chen-fei's wife. After the liberation of former Vice President of Shanghai Traditional Opera School, good speech, The Cultural Revolution was denounced, beaten, are subject to tremendous physical and mental harm. The evening of 11 September 1966, three successive suicide note written after the suicide. Unprecedented disaster, claiming her artistic life. September 11, 1966, the criticism in a tortured after the home, with a young man singing She dressed in pajamas, hanging straight in the bathtub to put myself above the bar, and cold and stern. Down with hate; also lost phoenix nest, Garden Way back Peony Pavilion

leaf to leaf in groups

groups: 1911 Health, Anhui Shexian people. Well-known literary theorist. 1932 to join the party, while adding,Discount UGG boots, After the liberation of Shanghai Film Studio was the Deputy Factory Manager of Shanghai Federation of Literary and Vice Chairman, Shanghai Writers Association Vice President and other staff. Hengzao persecution committed suicide in 1966.

depths Zhao Hui Zhao Hui deep left 1 right 1 for the deal

Zhao Hui deep: 1911 Health, Sichuan Yibin people. Renowned performing artists to the The Cultural Revolution, because the film script, mockery and insults,UGG boots, in December 4, 1967 Vengeful suicide.

Luo Guangbin

Luo Guangbin: 1924 Health, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, graduated from the Southwest, the underground liberation struggle fought the Kuomintang, is the concentration camps,cheap UGG boots, After the liberation of the Communist Youth League was the United Front Department of Chongqing Municipality. YANG Yi Yan cooperation with the novel Persecuted during the Cultural Revolution in 1967, committed suicide. February 10, 1967 to spread Luo Guangbin falls suicide in custody in the news. Luo Guangbin year guard who said that it is unbearable Luo Guangbin dozens of hours of continuous mental torture while jumping through the window and died. Luo was detained at the Daping Majiapu Logistical Engineering University, interrogators must carefully explain to him the 1949 '11 * 27 'how the agents released prison. From 5 to 9, was kidnapped late at night, dozens of consecutive hours a day turns to extract confessions, a then a smoke Romania, will also cool the oil applied to the smoke, the air of abnormal fatigue their discomfort. This morning overnight to 10, Lo was taken to the holding basins 3 draw water wash the toilet floor, while people do not prepare him to climb ledge, shouting stone steps on the spot death.

Rong Guotuan

Rong Guotuan: 1937, Zhongshan County. Famous table tennis player. Childhood home in Hong Kong back to China in 1957, has won the world championship title. June 20, 1968 witnessed a Long, Rong Gaotang criticism after the General Assembly, in the Longtan Lake near a duck room Ziyishenwang

weeks Shoujuan

weeks Shoujuan 1895 was born in Jiangsu Wuxian people. Famous modern writers. Has edited the Era in which science began to literary creation. While writing, while considerable effort in gardening, opening of the Suzhou famous Zhou Enlai, Ye Jianying, Chen Yi, the party and state leaders have repeatedly visited the many foreign friends have been watching door. August 1968, week Shoujuan was Lin Biao and Bear persecution Tiaojing suicide! He is the author of Modern Mandarin Duck and Butterfly. Formerly Guoxian, word Zufu, No. pregnant blue room master violet Anzhu people. Wu County, Jiangsu people. Shanghai China in 1909 into the Secondary School, after dropping out of school due to illness. He began his literary career in 1911. 1913 joined the Southern Society, 1916, he served Zhonghua editing. Translated and published 1920, appointed Reopened in 1921 after the editor of the Editor of and participation in editorial publications as well as 1922, he joined Shanghai September 1936, published jointly with Lu Xun, After the victory, seclusion Suzhou. After the founding of the People's Republic, served as member of the CPPCC National Committee, the Standing Committee of Jiangsu Literary Federation, the provincial Wen Shiguan librarians, Suzhou City, Deputy Director of the Gardens Management Office. In addition to writing, but also engaged in horticultural research, opened in Suzhou famous August 12,UGG boots clearanc, 1968 in Suzhou death. His major works include the Translated as


Yang Li Guang Zouping County village. He was born on a farm due to a poor family named Wang had one of his young uncle surname Lee. Teachers enrolled in 1923, after the first Jinan, came into contact with new ideas since the May Fourth Movement, the new literature. Into the Foreign Language Department of Beijing University in 1929 matriculation, been in the After the publication of three poetry collections,

1935  graduate of Beijing University, Jinan back to teach, to write a lot of essays, assembled for the The autumn of 1941 to Kunming, in Southwest Associated University. In addition to prose, but also wrote the novel

After the war, he worked in Nankai University, Tsinghua University to teach. Joined the Communist Party of China in 1948. After the liberation of the Chinese Department at Tsinghua University. The first paper in 1949 on behalf of the National Council, was elected as the text associated members in the association director. Ren Qinghua, vice provost in 1951. Transferred to Yunnan University in 1952, Vice President, Principal. Former Yunnan Branch of Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Literature, Writers Yunnan Branch Vice Chairman, Chinese Writers Association council member. . Persecution during the Cultural Revolution because it was in November 1968, was ultra-leftist line persecuted jump pool suicide.

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