Thursday, March 31, 2011

Beauty is acquired to build, share wife to marry beautiful women give you ~!

 Eyelash roots in the cod liver oil can stimulate the growth of eyelashes wipe -
2. yoghurt + banana attaining to shrink pores, super useful -
3. Huoxiangzhengqi water, wash your hair with hair will get better. Anti-dry beer shampoo off -
4. lashes with a cotton swab dipped in VE under Tu Tu before going to bed and then sleep effect is obvious -
5. ~ ginger eyebrows shaved thin and light pen-like coating a president every day, concentration -
6. hot dye damaged hair: wash with vinegar. Method: Rinse your hair with shampoo, watered with vinegar (1:5 or so) poured hair and wash away over 5 minutes, then rinse with some conditioner. Very good results, the hair is not as firewood, and it will be black. End of dyed red hair and very useful, dyed red and finally yellow marking, if that method above, but will not take off into the yellow and brown, hair color more natural. -
7. Mask: The U.S. Lijia Fen home yogurt mask very easy to use, although the 99 bag of expensive, but very much by the use, you can use more than six months (three times a week touching it). If very little sleep the previous day stay up all night, before wiping the sleep point, the skin would be better the next day on the makeup, makeup will not float. Persist in the skin can be changed for the better, more tender. -
8. washing the face is not dry, rub noses with a thin salt, you can go to black -
9. winter bath, while the body is coated with wet paint on baby oil and then use the towel dry, tender skin like a good slide ~! -
10. usually made nutrition mask, in addition to aloe vera juice, lemon juice, honey, essential, but would like to increase the Hydra whitening to milk; want to add the strained crease egg. VC is not directly applied to the face is best, although the whitening effect is extremely fast, but once the disabled, Huang would be worse than before. -
11. lash line with liquid eyeliner is not good master, you can draw about the first look with eyeliner, and then describe what the hard heads of the liner, will be very handy! -
12. face a small acne TX, wipe a little olive oil before going to bed up, acne will be deflated -
13. remover baby oil can be used to good effect and money -
14. multi sub abdomen taller people -
15. mascaras did not quite Toner alcohol or baby oil or eye drops -
16. finished first rush to the hair with a towel wrapped the blow, dry faster -
17. drying mascara brush to brush the eyebrow point can be fixed pale eyebrow -
18. to acne Peas in a. attaining a cucumber with vinegar for 10 minutes at home. three times a day., just the right proportion of your own. I also just add a little vinegar cucumber smash it down and apply. I only apply once . that effect was quite good. the posts that went to 15-day cure -
19. loofah water (I have bought thousands of Taobao grass fiber, ten pieces 500ml) bubble Zhimo attaining super-Firming ~ ~ I deposited a large oil field that morning was not all finished oil - ;
20. painted with strawberries make teeth white teeth -
21. labeled the tomato paste, tomato juice with a paper mask suction, first apply a layer of mud in the face mask of paper in the paste, half an hour so, wash your face ~ ~ found that skin is very white, very small -
22. plus pearl powder, egg white and honey. And with the mask to do, the next morning you will find that your face is very white very white ~~~-
23. with olive oil hair care, the effect is very good, attention must be 100% olive oil, can not wipe the scalp, and then of course, is appropriate, the tail part of the wiping point a little more, what if the cap can send, better. -
24. blackheads on the nose of the protein to rub with Baizhu Dan, will slowly rub a very small tender, can replace dead skin cream, -
25. long acne best not to eat honey, because honey stimulates the growth of acne, MM Mianyoucaise dim yellow skin and hold to 3 months to sleep at 11 pm each day. Spare time from 8 am waist with both hands, rub adhere to 2 months, I guarantee you after 2 months of translucent rosy skin supple -
26. itself as the mung bean powder with milk do mask, super whitening ... ... -
27. honey vinegar mask, very good whitening effect -
28. want to face up immediately Hydra, you can buy online natural seaweed particles make their own mask, a packet of ten blocks can be done two months, effect is immediate Oh ~ ~! -
29. I recommend a homemade mask: mung bean powder, peanut powder + cucumber + juice + milk, tune into a paste, applied to the face, paste with plastic wrap, half an hour wash, do not feel that their skin was how good the next day that the smoothness of it, I feel that any mask can not match. Sometimes I also add some salt, I heard that this disinfection, and white, or add some honey, at home anyway, they have -
30. will be very light blue green onions inside taken out of that layer of film attached to the acne, about 15 minutes, can anti-acne and India .-
31. Removing blackheads: Add half a teaspoon of honey, a spoonful of brown sugar nose grinding one to two minutes, not too long, then wash. Twice a week seems to be serious, really useful -
32. night with VE painted lips, the lips will be pink next morning toot `` ```` good use is the kind of cheap VE `` `MS over three money box of it - ;
34. get rid of freckles: vc film smashed the blisters with a clean face and then coated paper film to open before putting on the line -
35. Tibetan saffron ice Waterfront Water mask, cheap, ah, ah easy to use! General emergency replenishment, very, very easy to use -
36. Zi Rong UFA pill treatment of early white hair; Rongrun Sheng-fat pill, hair loss treatment, the effects were good -
37. that a roll bar recipe eyelashes. Ha ha. lighters seconds aligned eyelash curler iron parts. folder is then coated with mascara eyelashes. the effect is not generally Ay. and natural and curly and Alice! -
38. there are like sleepy mask fear will get deposited in the quilt pillow, then wrap well in after the cut piece of plastic wrap (two eyes and nose lip at the left out) is very easy to stick to the face will not sad, would not be left on the pillow and the effect is very good (because it has been forced to stay on your skin, to where seepage) -
39. If Eve washed her face with facial cleanser, do not reuse the next morning, because the skin will secrete a kind of grease, this thing can protect the skin with the Cream-like, wash it off the skin easy to get into ash. But the premise is washed the night before the face, only to take some toner on it, do not rub skin care products. Not used and the skin, bad skin, TX adhere to a few days will be significantly changed Ay -
40. hands easily become dry and rough hands with vinegar and soak for ten minutes to skin care -
41.. every morning with a friction face tofu a few minutes for a month, face will become very moist -
42. the first two with the rice washing water, wash your face, morning and night. to ensure that 5 days after you learn the white skin is white drop, and drop it supple and hydrated -
43. teeth yellow, you can chew the peanuts and then use it to brush your teeth to 3 minutes to be effective for a week ~ I brush, the effect is obvious .-
44. Anti-drying: the evening after washing the face painted orange skin with water Dangdang ah really comfortable -
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